FACTORY Capital Manager

An integrated platform - extending the FACTORY and its VaR Universe - enabling capital management institutions to managing investment-related risk with portfolio constructions of traditional but also the most sophisticated deal types.

UnRisk FACTORY Capital Manager is used for both advanced investment functions and risk managemnt processes

It is bundled with Unrisk-Q the programming power behind UnRisk for individual postprocessing of FACTORY results.

Capital management professionals enjoy the following benefits from using the UnRisk FACTORY Capital Manager

Faster Time-to-Insight – high performance process-through automation for more time analyzing the big picture 

Complete Evidence – data and valuation management are fully integrated allowing for unlimited historical revision

Easy to Use Access – on clients only a web browser is required, the system goes where the user goes

Service Orientation - UnRisk application service and customizing development deliver unprecedented quickly

Unconstrained extendability - UnRisk-Q comes with link tools to the FACTORY CM data base

Lower Total Cost of Ownership – high throughput with a high utilization of a minimalist infrastructure

Quickest Set Up - it runs in an hour and is in full production in a few days

UnRisk FACTORY offers a key benefit to customers:

Based on a blazingly fast valuaton and risk engine UnRisk FACTORY Capital Maneger runs high volume risk managent while you are sleeping.

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