9. October 2019

UnRisk PRIIPs for Hypo Tirol

Hypo Tirol Bank relies on the UnRisk PRIIPs product and manages approximately for eight products PRIIPs KIDS with its solution.
16. May 2019
URO Solution swiss bank

UnRisk Omega Solution for swiss bank

Swiss bank rates investment products and assesses their collateral value with the PRC solution of UnRiskOmega.
4. March 2019
Case Study Solventis


Solventis offers comprehensive risk management services to the Spanish finance industry based on the UnRisk Risk Engine.
13. February 2018
Data Science

Computation meets Data Science

UnRisk will talk at the technology conference "Computation meets Data Science" ...
1. November 2017

UnRisk Quant Insights Conference

UnRisk sponsors talked at QI conference.
1. October 2017
phygitale Bankfiliale

Phygitale Bankfiliale & Phygitale Bankberatung

UnRisk will speak at the event at 7th and 8th of November 2017 at Renaissance Hotel Vienna ...
28. November 2016
UnRiskOmega AG

UnRisk Omega AG

UnRisk consortium and Multilateral AG teamed up to found UnRisk Omega AG ...
28. November 2016
Spezialtag MiFID II

UnRisk @ Spezialtag MiFID II

UnRisk will speak at Spezialtag MiFID II ...