With webUnRisk we enabled our customers to build System as a Server (SaaS) solutions based on UnRisk technologies. It allows to deploy high-powered UnRisk applications throughout the web.


Key Benefits and Key Features

  • Include UnRisk provided functionality into your web sites
  • Build up Risk Management Platforms for your customers
  • Use the role/user model of UnRisk Bank or UnRisk Capital Manager to tailor your solution to customers
  • Use the audit trail functionality of UnRisk Bank or UnRisk Capital Manager to provide your users with a clear view on their activities
  • Use the unprecedented calculation capabilities of UnRisk and create comprehensive reports for your customers




The standard license is a purchase license including one year of Premier Service. Additional periods can but do not have to be purchased.

webUnRisk requires

  • webMathematica


Paid up prices including one year Premium Service. The Service includes technical service and application service on fair use base.

A volume discount is applied to volume packages. A comprehensive-licenses scheme allows leasing on a per seat base related to volume packages.


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