In the course of the last years risk management has become more and more important for many financial institutions. Increasing regulatory pressure as well as the needs for improved internal risk control have shown that also smaller institutions need sound solutions. Risk needs to be analyzed through the trade life cycles and the risk figures show impacts across the organization. Also the new evolutions in the financial markets such as central clearing require risk management on a high level.

UnRisk’s solutions for risk management work across multiple asset classes and a vast variety of risk factors to improve your understand of the sources of risk. Market risk, liquidity risk, credit- and counterparty risk as well as method- and model risk are all covered by our systems.


Risk Management Solutions

UnRisk Quant: Enablse risk managers to build their own risk management systems.

UnRisk Bank: A highly automated system supporting the CRO in the daily business.

UnRisk CM: A highly automated system tailor made for capital management firms, hedge funds and private banks.


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